The Vintage Angel

About the Artist



Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web, home to my collection of angel and inspirational art and vintage inspired accessories.


I have always been a dreamer and a romantic at heart, often feeling I was born in the wrong era.  The Victorian era has always held such mystique for me, and when I began this collection, I knew I wanted to recreate the magic of this era with my own twist with my collection of art and curated jewelry and accessories.


You may recognize me from my old art career.  Under my maiden name, Jessica Galbreth, I used to paint gothic and fantasy art.  In 2010, I became a Christian and didn't feel that work represented me any longer.  For an artist, their art is very personal.  I retired all that old work, and began painting angels instead.  Soon after, I began making jewelry and really found my new niche.


In addition to this Vintage Angel collection, I recently began focusing on hand making botanical jewelry made with real pressed and preserved flowers and other natural curiosities beneath resin.  My daughter Julia has joined me in this endeavor and we offer one of a kind botanical jewelry pieces on our web site for this collection at:


In addition to creating and treasure hunting, you can also find me on Facebook often.  I have a lovely group of friends and collectors and would love it if you joined us at:

A photo from my home studio in NW Ohio, USA.